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Spaying & Neutering

Through our fundraising, we are able to help our fosters and individuals spay or neuter their dogs at one of our trusted veterinary offices. If you need assistance covering the cost of a spay or neuter, fill out our application here.

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Become a Foster

Becoming a foster means you'll take in a dog for a temporary period until we can find that dog a home. You'll be responsible for keeping the animal happy and healthy, and we'll be responsible for finding his/her forever home! Costs of care are covered by us - thanks to our donors. To fill out our foster application, click here.

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Re-homings Anchor
Dog Lover


If you are an individual needing assistance finding a home for an animal, please understand that our primary focus is to work with shelters & rescues.

If you are an individual in the process of re-homing an animal, we recommend you charge a re-homing fee to avoid ill-intending adopters, or those who may not be taking the commitment seriously. For more tips on re-homing an animal, click here.

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